Your Ultimate Festive Survival Guide!

The Festive Season is fast approaching (December, already? WTF?!) and with a plethora of staff Christmas parties and social gatherings on the horizon, now is the time of year most people’s health takes a back seat to fun and excess (“Pipe down, Liver… Cocktails are on me!”). Well, Progressive Health is here to tell you that looking after yourself doesn’t mean sucking all the joy out of the holidays… it’s been a long year, so why not enjoy the good times… Responsibly.

  1. Sweets and Desserts – Don’t park yourself next to the dessert table and start shovelling creamed cakes and fruit pies into your face, but don’t deprive yourself of it either. A small slice of cake or a handful of chockies are treats everyone can enjoy, just work on stopping that second handful or diving headfirst into Aunty Bev’s Trifle.
  2. Stay hydrated – But there is water in beer, isn’t there? Well, yes, but all alcohol dehydrates you and if you are going to two, three, four or more events over a few weeks, your body is going to feel it quicker than you might realise. Take a bottle of water for car trips and try squeezing in a glass of the good stuff between glasses of the better stuff. And speaking of the good stuff, try mixing your drinks with soda water rather than other sugar filled mixers, like cola or dry ginger ale.
  3. Manage your stress – “I love Christmas, it’s such a relaxing and stress free time of the year” said no man ever (or woman, for that matter). In the potentially ultra-stressful environment of in-laws visits, with a car-full of screaming kids in tow, someone needs to keep it together and keep everyone focussed on the true meaning of Christmas: Presents… wait, what? Enjoying time with family and friends… really? Okay. Well, who says that somebody keeping it together can’t be you? Make sure you are getting enough sleep through the Silly Season, staying hydrated and keeping organised (think lists and phone reminders), all while having a bit of a laugh. Remember to breathe in stressful moments and eat at regular times to avoid hangryness (yes, that is a word… I think). If you remember these tips, you’ll be more relaxed, than the Dalai Lama.

So, you don’t need to turn down everything bar the salad, but you don’t need to be a little piggy either. Moderation in this time of over indulgence will be your key to not waking up bloated or nauseous… who knows, it might even keep you from a few embarrassing conversations when you get back into the office on Monday (“I was dancing on top of what?”).

And remember if you overindulge a little we’re here to help you get your New Year off to a great start!

Here’s to a responsible Merry Christmas a safe and Happy New Year, from us at Progressive Health. See you in 2016!

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