Why We Aren't perfect...

Why we aren’t perfect…and you don’t have to be either!

I’m just going to say it…the one thing I hate about being a nutritionist is going out for dinner and someone scoffing at what I’ve chosen to eat and making the remark “I thought you were a nutritionist, aren’t you meant to eat healthy?” Guys, if I’m going to eat a burger please let me enjoy it!

When it comes to food and our views on what it means to eat healthy, it’s not about shovelling in as many vegetables as possible, it’s not about eating a strict paleo diet, it’s not about never eating chocolate. It’s about the pure enjoyment of what we are eating and knowing how it serves our health and most importantly – acknowledging moderation.

What does healthy mean to you? Is it seeing colours on your plate? Is it about sitting in the moment enjoying every last mouthful? Is it eating foods that serve your health most of the time and allowing yourself to have that cheeky treat?

Moderation is key – or what we like to call the 80:20 rule. If you’ve seen us in action at our clinic or you’re just getting to know us the one of the first take home messages you will receive is to not get hung up on the finer details of numbers and figures. We don’t count – I (Jackie) personally hate numbers and the idea of counting everything I eat makes my insides churn. We don’t do cheat days or cheat meals, we focus on eating well 80% of the time and letting ourselves truly enjoy and the savour the moment of eating something “naughty”.

The danger of making sure you’re eating perfectly all the time and putting yourself down is causing anxiety around eating and for some even binging on not so great foods. This can take away the enjoyment of social engagements, the joy of eating, and it can consume you. So next time you feel like indulging a little…sit down, take a bite and enjoy it. Don’t over-do it and take your time…that’s what we do!

If you want to find out how to make sustainable life long changes shoot us an email to info@progressivehealth.com.au with your name and contact details.

P.S here’s a photo of my friend Cass & I enjoying an amazing muffin icing and all!



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