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Why being skinny and being healthy aren’t the same thing

Before I started my own health journey I was far from the picture of health. Hell, to say that my views of health were skewed is an understatement. As with many others (irrespective of age or gender), weight is was my biggest issue. I had low self-esteem growing up and in my mind being skinny would be the answer to all my problems.

Now don’t stop reading because you think this is another love the skin you’re in pep talk (even though self-love is a major factor of health it’s not the focus of this article), it’s a reflection of how my perception of health changed when I realised that being in a healthy weight range isn’t the only meaning of what it is to truly be healthy.

Every time I think about how far I’ve come on my health journey I have these 2 memories that always pop into my head. The first is a 15-year-old me walking into a pharmacy with a couple of friends to buy the latest wonder tablet – you know the ones – the one’s that stop you from absorbing fat which allows you to eat as much fast food as you want but makes you look like that babe on the front of the box with the rockin’ body. I’ll never forget the look on the face of the woman who served me – pure confusion of why a teenager who didn’t really have a “serious” weight issue would be wanting this product and I’ll also never forget the confusion that came up inside me when she wouldn’t sell it to me.

The second memory comes a bit later in life – just before enrolling to study nutrition, a friend and I decided the best way to get healthy was to start meal replacement shakes (which I hid from my PT boyfriend to spare the lecture). Mind you all though I was having 2 shakes a day thinking I was super healthy because I was losing weight I was still binging on cookies, drinking every weekend, smoking up a storm, had bad skin and generally felt like crap.

Looking back on how far I’ve come allows me to understand why it’s hard for many of you out there to grasp the idea that being skinny doesn’t make you healthy – trust me there are so many unhealthy people in a healthy weight range. When I started studying nutrition I was so out of my element and by choosing this path I’ve taken has changed my whole life. I’m not saying you need to go and study to be healthy but I do want you to take on board this advice on how to be healthy, lose weight (if you need to) without making it your primary focus.

Forget about your weight – it will happen anyway. It’s a strange concept to not think about your end goal but focusing on weight loss and weighing yourself every day can become an unhealthy obsession leading to poor nutrition and even malnutrition. Change your goal – make it that you’re bursting with energy, you’re able to be more active, to get rid of your constant bloating and gas…whatever it is, make it relevant to leading a healthier lifestyle. If you have seen us in our clinic or even just spoken to us we always talk about health from the inside out – when you get your mind away from what’s happening on the outside and start focusing on what you’re doing on the inside the weight will fall off.

Eat & Drink what nourishes your body in steps. Don’t cut out everything at once, there’s nothing worse you can do – it will inevitably lead to you falling off the wagon and going back to old habits.  Just focus on putting in foods and beverages that are going to serve your health. You know that fast food is unhealthy, you know that soft-drink is unhealthy, you know that alcohol is unhealthy. Moderate it, don’t make it a weekly occurrence. Check out our blog on moderation here

Acknowledge how far you’ve come and keep building. Be proud of yourself! I sure am. Acknowledging what you’ve learnt on your journey and how great you feel because of the changes you’ve made will cement your commitment to living the healthiest and happiest life you can. Reflect daily, weekly or monthly – whenever you want to …just do it. We all have our bad days and that’s fine but soon enough you’ll notice that you’ve had so many more good days than bad ones.

So, what does health look like to me now? It’s not numbers on a scale – it’s having energy all day, not needing to wear makeup, it’s being comfortable in my clothes, it’s eating super tasty fresh healthy food and not being bloated and sluggish. What do you want it to look like for you?

If you would like more help to reclaim your health email us at to schedule your free 30-minute consultation to discuss your health now and get easy to implement changes to revitalise your health.

Health & Happiness,

Jackie Xx

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