Making Progressive Lasting Changes

In recent years the natural health industry has boomed and with so much information, new cure all diets, different schools of thought, and at times information being provided by unqualified “health gurus” it is no wonder that there is so much confusion on what to do to get yourself healthy. Even as qualified nutritionists it’s hard for us to keep up with the evolution of health information which is so rapidly taking over social media, our news, magazines and supermarket isles.

As our name, Progressive Health, suggests we believe in making small yet lasting changes which can be incorporated into everyday life.  Here are our steps to making progressive lasting changes:

Stop Counting: Whether it be counting macros, calories, how many sweets you’re allowed in one day, looking at the scales every day to see how much your weight has changed….STOP COUNTING! Healthy eating shouldn’t be about scrutinising everything you eat, it takes away the enjoyment of food and can create an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and yourself.

TIP: When you look at food you should see the beautiful colours of fresh produce and look at the food knowing that you are nourishing your body not just putting a certain number of calories or macronutrients into your body. 

Listen to your body’s signals: This can be hard at the beginning but with the right guidance you will understand that sometimes your body is just simple crying out for nutritious food or for you to move your body. If you feel like you’re constantly hungry and constantly eating to satisfy hunger, this can mean that you aren’t putting in enough nutrient dense foods. Your body is crying out for nutrients to feed your cells so they can function properly and give you the energy you need to get through your day. Hunger can also not be hunger at all, it can simply be thirst or plain and simple boredom.

TIP: Before diving straight for a snack at the first signal of hunger have a glass of water, if the hunger persists 10 minutes after then have a nutrient dense snack such as fruit or vegetables, nuts and seeds or a healthy wholefood smoothie. 

Eat out of nature’s packet: So many products have popped up with ridiculous health claims to make you healthy, fit and happy. It can be hard to resist clever advertising and it’s easy to think there has to be truth in what they are saying because how can it be allowed to be on the front of a packet. Unfortunately the food industry has become so corrupt that it’s hard to tell who is honest and who is not. Eating out of nature’s packet is the easiest way to know you aren’t filling your body with rubbish.

Tip: One of the easiest ways to reduce confusion when shopping and to make progressive lasting changes is to stay away from the isles of your super market and stick to the fresh food products located around the outskirts of the supermarket.

Make a goals list: Goal lists and vision boards are a great way to keep yourself on track. Make your goals achievable and revise and build on your goals every 4-6 weeks. An example of a goals list can be as simple as this:

  1. Sit down and eat my meals distraction free.
  2. Move around after sitting for 1 hour
  3. Add more green vegetables to my dinner’s every night.
  4. Take my own lunch to work 3 days a week.

Tip: Small Steps Every Day is definitely a motto we at Progressive Health live by. Every day may not be the perfect day but as long as you are taking small steps to improve your health like the ones above you will find yourself getting healthier without crazy diets or taking a handful of vitamin supplements every day. 

Love Yourself: This is one of the most important rule of making progressive lasting changes.  Loving yourself comes with respecting your body, and when you love yourself and respect your body you will fuel it with foods and move your body to boost your mood, energy and overall health and, prevent yourself from getting ill. This is a major hurdle for people starting their health journey and it’s one of the biggest reasons for people to fall off the wagon.

Tip: Everyday repeat to yourself, “I love myself as I am right now, I respect myself by moving my body and nourishing my cells.” Flower Essences are a great help for people wishing to break cycles of negative thinking and improving self-love. Call us for more information. 

Talk to qualified professionals who give you the tools you need to make lasting changes: Too many times at our clinic we hear our clients say “we went to our health professional and was diagnosed with x and they gave us xyz tablets and weren’t given any other option to fix this problem.” It’s a sad and extremely frustrating reality for many people out there. At Progressive Health we strive to educate every person that walks through our doors or visits our website, so you can make educated choices when it comes to your health. To make an appointment call us on (03) 8742 1251.

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