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Getting out of the Christmas Blowout Slump

Getting back into the swing of things after Christmas? Struggling to get yourself out of the Christmas blowout slump? After all the Christmas parties, food, alcohol and the New Year’s parties it can be hard to get back on the health wagon. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. Here are our tips to moving back to […]

4 ways to spice up your relationship with water

Water is vital for every single system in our body, it cleanses our blood, liver, digestive tract, transports nutrients around the body, regulates our body temperature, and helps us look radiant by keeping our skin clear and hydrated. But sometimes plain ol’ water can get a little boring. So what are some ways to spice […]

21 Days of Nourshing & Self Love

Every year I aim to give myself a good cleanse. Although I eat healthy most of the time, I meditate almost nightly and I try to keep myself from negative thoughts there are times where I throw my hands in the air and say f*ck it, I’m out and this year it’s happened many times. […]

4 Reasons to Love Your Gut Bugs

Science is now catching up with what has been taught for thousands of years – that diseases of the gut are the beginning of all disease. Many of your annoying digestive symptoms such as irregular bowel movements, bloating, pain, cramping, and gassiness may come down to 1 BIG cause – an overgrowth of bad bacteria […]

Your Ultimate Festive Survival Guide!

The Festive Season is fast approaching (December, already? WTF?!) and with a plethora of staff Christmas parties and social gatherings on the horizon, now is the time of year most people’s health takes a back seat to fun and excess (“Pipe down, Liver… Cocktails are on me!”). Well, Progressive Health is here to tell you […]

Making Progressive Lasting Changes

In recent years the natural health industry has boomed and with so much information, new cure all diets, different schools of thought, and at times information being provided by unqualified “health gurus” it is no wonder that there is so much confusion on what to do to get yourself healthy. Even as qualified nutritionists it’s […]