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21 Days of Nourshing & Self Love

Every year I aim to give myself a good cleanse. Although I eat healthy most of the time, I meditate almost nightly and I try to keep myself from negative thoughts there are times where I throw my hands in the air and say f*ck it, I’m out and this year it’s happened many times.

To say the past 12 months have been a rollercoaster is an understatement, and I’ve mistreated my body too many times (yes, it even happens to nutritionists!). I’ve celebrated, I’ve cried, I’ve been stressed out, I’ve drunk too much, I’ve eaten too much and now my  body needs a rest.

But it’s time to give my body and mind a break.  From July 4th until the 25th I’m taking the time to nurture myself. Yep, 21 days all about me!

Usually when I cleanse, I focus primarily on the food – but this time, I’m going deeper than ever before! Not only will I be detoxing my body, I’ll be practicing all things self-love (inspired by the books Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini and the classic You Can Health Your Life by Louise Hay) and probably the biggest struggle for me the digital detox (in just this second I got distracted by snap chat)!

Feel free to use this blog as a guide on how you can start detoxing your life today!

Let’s start with the easiest of the 3 for me…

The Physical Detox

The way our body functions is reliant on the food we eat, the liquid we drink, the air we breathe, how we digest our food and eliminate any pollutants (environmental and metabolic). For the next 21 days, I will be…

  1. Eating easily digested food and focusing on a predominantly plant-based anti-inflammatory diet. What better way that to reduce the burden on your digestive system and keep warm in winter than enjoying super healthy homemade soups?

For the next 21 days, I will be enjoying soups every night for dinner as well as a nourishing smoothie for breakfast (which is what I love doing anyway). I will be following the protocols from Clean and Clean Gut by Dr. Alejandro Junger as well as our own Life Reset Program. These books were the beginning of my fascination with detoxification and digestive healing and after cleansing using these protocols in the past and feeling amazing by the end I can wait to add my own spin.

Soups are a great way to get in a whole heap of veggies as well as a great opportunity to use medicinal herbs and spices. To supercharge your soups use your homemade bone broth to add to the gut healing benefits.

A plant-based diet is a great way to reduce inflammation. Red meat is quite hard to digest and is high in the pro-inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acid, Arachidonic Acid. When levels of Arachidonic acid are high in the body inflammatory symptoms such as joint pain, muscle pain, and migraines can arise. I will still be enjoying lean white meat and oily fish and ensure I take in enough protein by enjoying nuts and seeds, and by adding Protein Supplies Australia’s Pea Pro to my smoothies.

  1. Drinking 2 Litres of water daily & saying goodbye to caffeine and alcohol. Staying hydrated while cleansing is so important to ensure you’re flushing out all the toxins your body will be releasing so one of my biggest focuses will be on my water intake. Although I LOVE coffee I will be staying away to let my liver get on with its job without adding any more work. Alcohol is another big no-no and I don’t drink often but in the spirit of Dry July, there will be no alcohol being consumed!
  1. Dry Skin Brushing Daily! I always tell myself that I’m going to dry skin brush daily but I constantly forget to. But I’ll be cracking out my dry skin brush and will be physically removing toxins from the outside of my body and helping with lymphatic drainage of toxins internally.

When dry skin brushing start from your feet and work upwards towards your heart in circular motions. Then do your arms, stomach, and back. Just remember to never do your face as the skin is different and much more sensitive.

The Emotional Detox

When you’ve taken a few hits it’s only natural to start thinking what’s wrong with me and getting into the negative self-talk. No-more! It’s all about letting go of the past, and manifesting and creating a bright, happy future.

  1. Letting go of the past is important to help move forward in life but it’s incredibly difficult. I didn’t realise how much the stress of the past 12 months had affected me on an emotional level. I felt foggy, my productivity slipped, I was drinking more coffee than usual to keep me going, I was exhausted and at points, I was constipated.

It wasn’t until I went to the Mind Body Spirit Festival and received a healing that I felt the weight of the world was off my shoulders. Since then I have been able to get my work done quickly, I have been focused, I have energy, I’m sleeping better and my bowels started working like clockwork.

I still have times where I think about everything that has happened and it gets me down. But I am practicing to not get stuck in those moods and to just move forward and concentrate on practicing the lessons I learnt from those experiences.

  1. Practising Self Love & Gratitude – From this point forward I will be telling myself how much I love myself every day and speaking openly and writing down all things I am grateful for in my life.

When the stress of life takes over your “Mean Girl” (thanks Melissa for naming her!) and negative self-talk turns into self-doubt and self-doubt turns into a negative energy being put out into the universe. It’s time to reverse that – every day I will be using positive affirmations (which I have written on my mirror to prompt me) to generate tonnes of self-love and positive energy.

Gratitude is another important step in self-love. I am grateful for absolutely everything and everyone in my life but it’s rare that I express my gratitude. This morning before my partner went to work I told him how grateful I am that I get to wake up next to him every morning and the tone of the day was already set.

Think about it – if you wake up thinking OMG I can’t be bothered going to work today, do you think you’re setting the right tone for the day? Instead, flip that and think I am so grateful to have a job that allows me to support myself. There is always something to be grateful for in any situation – it may take some searching but you will find it. Retrain your thought patterns to have a more positive outlook and the universe will send positivity your way.

The Digital Detox

I am a self-confessed addict – I’m not even the worst but I know my phone habits are not serving me and are nothing but time-wasting which means I am missing out on some awesome opportunities in life. Not only will I be reducing my phone use but I am cutting down the amount of time spent watching TV, to learn more, read and spend quality time with my partner, family, and friends.

Think about how many times you’ve been out to dinner with friends or you’re just sitting around with your family and you’ve missed out on full conversations because you’ve been distracted by your phone. Or you’ve simply just missed out on being in the present moment. It’s time to stop, put the phone down and become more present to enjoy all the amazing opportunities that come our way every day.

This is how it’s going to go down and I want you to try it too!

  1. No phones after 8:30pm – this will stop any late night Facebook distractions and will promote a deep and restful night’s sleep.
  2. No phones until I’ve showered and had breakfast – I am the worst when it comes to checking my phone first thing in the morning. I get so annoyed with myself when I think about how much more productive my day could’ve been or how I could’ve spent a little more quality time with my partner before running off to work (and I literally mean running because my morning phone habits often leave me behind schedule).
  3. No T.V in the bedroom – instead of watching T.V before bed, use the time to curl up with a cup of herbal tea and read, meditate or simply go to bed a little earlier.
  4. The big social media cull! Because keeping up a social media presence is important in our business I can’t cut it out altogether. But I can limit myself to only using it for work purposes and limit how many times I check it.

So this is it – I am looking forward to my 21 days of nourishing my body, mind, and soul. I’d love to hear how you plan on nurturing yourself for the next 21 days.

Health & Happiness,

Jackie Xx

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